Why do you think it is delusion?

i think there are intel agencies
on the internet following me
becoz i am distinguised
looking to find a suitable moment to kill me
what the hell
what a racist world against arabs like me
even arab governments want to kill me becoz sometime i say i hate dictatorships
i feel i gonna be killed and followed

I’m being followed too so I’m not much help here. Hopefully someone has good advice for you

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Collect proof and if you can’t let it go.

i talk to them daily
i dont know yet what intel agency they r
but they seem plotting to kill me
they hv mysterious actions i see on the internet
i also they attracting other intel agencies to follow me
i think i will be killed from someone idk

It’s a delusion

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WIthout a doubt it is a delusion.

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I think it is a delusion because intel agencies would have no interest to kill an arab schizophrenic.


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