Voices telling me to fuck off

Lololololoollolollo “she needs to ■■■■ off” lolol

Tell the voices to leave you alone!

I read that you finally moved out of your parents house. Are you doing ok living alone?


I like that picture of the cat wearing the hat. Animals wearing clothes makes me laugh. Id like to see a bird wearing a suit.
Kellie I hope your voices start being nice to you

That can be arranged!


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Lol!!! 15 15

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Im ok and settled alone a lot so I come here a lot

Don’t tell them to leave you alone, tell them to leave you with friends.

You don’t have a room mate? It sounds like that could be lonely or overwhelming for someone with sz. Do you talk to a therapist or your parents on a regular occasion at least?

Sometimes if I go too long without talking to other people, my delusions get worse.