Voices Scream at Me to Take Meds

They say the meds are for them to get rid of me. They also torture me all day about other things. This makes me not want to take meds because I do not want to do what these mean voices tell me to do. Anyone else have voices telling them to take their meds?

Take your meds.
My voices used to say that meds are poison


I’d have an easier time taking them if the voices didn’t want me to take them. They say they are trying to get rid of me. I’m trying to get past that and take them, though.

They also insult me harshly as I’m about to take the meds, which makes it impossible for me to take them at that moment, because I felt like I was doing it for them in the first place.

I was told medication is poison by voices. I told my psychiatrist she is brain washed and trying to poison me. She didn’t look impressed. But I don’t know. It’s a very difficult one. All I can say is it can be better but take your medication.

I wish my voices would tell me the meds are poison instead of telling me they want to get rid of me. I’ll do my best to take them, though.


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