They want me dead

Basically the voices want me dead and I can usually ignore them, but they’ve really been getting to me these past few days. I feel myself slipping and it’s getting hard to do daily tasks like showering and eating and just taking care of myself. I’m trying to do self care but it’s just not helping.
And my psychiatrist knows about all of it and that’s why he prescribed me Zoloft but I can’t take it cuz it interacts with my clozapine so basically no med changes were actually made and I really need a med change rn


My voices say that i must die
and they say it all day, without break


I’m in same boat the voices say that I should except I’m going die
My nurse said my voices are me if I’m negative then the voice are negative
Simple daily tasks are very hard


Have you tried to talk back to them? Defend yourself from their abuse?

Try to get some sunshine, too.

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