Voices... Now

You have voices right this moment? Mine say this no filter…

Fat loser… kill yourself
Hope you die
Drinking problem
Fat alcoholic
You are very sick

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please seek help…you sound very delusional.

Funny enough I have no delusions at the moment just voices and hallucinations but I still have the insight which keeps me hanging on

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I actually haven’t had the one that said generic bad things in a while. Most common typically are
-Little brat
-Stupid b****
-Wh o r e
-F**** s l u t
-You’ll make a nice devil’s/demon’s wh o r e

Stuff like that. They also used to tell me to hurt people but I ignored them so I think they got bored of it and now focus on saying things that make me want to hurt myself. They also say a lot of stuff about God having abandoned me or wanting nothing to do with me because I’m a insert any of those insults above. Lately they’ve also been saying really nasty things that upset me like “Let us f*** you” in these really creepy voices and I hate it. Sometimes when they say those things I feel things touching me/stroking me and it makes me want to die when that happens.

That’s horrible… I don’t get tactile… but she. I am laying in bed trying to sleep they get the worst and they show me very distorted ugly pictures of myself

Yeah the images I get are typically of things that are really disturbing…violent or very sexually taboo…

Psychosis is just terrible. I really hope the geodon starts kicking in more for me soon. I don’t want to go up doses unless absolutely necessary bc I am so sensitive to medication and side effects. Are you on medication?

I do not take antipsychotics… I had some anti anxiety meds given to me by a doctor here on an emergency basis but that is all… I am usually pretty high functioning but at night it hits me hard

Stay strong guys :cry:


APs can really really help, I mean like they can actually stop all of that stuff you’re experiencing completely once you find one that works for you so I really recommend it. I just started geodon after not being on an AP for a while so it’s not kicked in fully yet but it is already helping.

I’m the same as you where during the day so long as I have stuff to do my symptoms are manageable and I function but nights have always been really rough for me.

Never hop off your meds, unless doc approves… Maybe you might need something stronger.

How horrible for you. I’m praying right now for God to help you with better medication or strategies to quiet the voices more and more. Hugs and love.

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Voices are sick perverted thoughts about mother of god, blasphemes thoughts about Holy Spirit etc.

Talking to dead relatives while master bating etc,

Thought broadcasting to etc,

Hell what not.

Weird twist and turns in thinking and viewing reality.

it all kinda follows the same story line of vile thinking/ any other margin that can be concluded from it.

Just saying this to give examples of different experiences for understanding and reference.

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Maybe having those voices constantly putting you down is half the reason youre an alcoholic. I strongly recommend an antipsychotic if youre serious about stopping drinking.

Your voices are wrong. You deserve better than being brought down by them.
Don’t be so hard on yourself either, tell those voices you are better than that and they can go jump rope…or do whatever the voices do when they aren’t bugging you.

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My voices divvy up the duty…two are always degrading or insulting me and one keeps a running commentary going on telling me what I’m doing. I really have a bad time when they “go commando” and start telling me to hurt myself. That’s when I usually begin cutting or burning on myself…last time that happened I was having religious delusions, too, and burned an alpha and omega symbol into my arm cuz I was “told” it would stop the end of the world. Don’t let your voices get that bad, please get some help beyond anti-anxiety meds…

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I’m so sorry.
This sounds exactly like mine

I have a constant dialogue with my voices. They are mainly of people I went to high school with who berate me over what I’ve done in my past. They are fairly childish most of the time and talk about how they are going to make a loser out of me, how I am going to go to hell, and how gay I am. They aren’t typically as mean as how you say some of your guy’s voices are. However, mine have gotten progressively meaner in the last year or so and are starting to make me feel like ■■■■ about some of my past. Maybe I should feel bad about some of the things I’ve done, but other things that they berate me for I shouldn’t be punished for. I try to be their boss, but we are always in a constant power struggle with each other. I still feel like I would be lonely without them, even if they’re very negative towards me most of the time.

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I cut down my drinking and focused more on my work and family and fishing and the voices still bother me and call me back… but I feel better about it somehow

Maybe I can still try APs but the side effects sound so horrible honestly I wouldn’t want to displace what I have for serious health issues