Voices in a dream

In my dream i heard voices. Just one word being repeated quickly ‘Tim’ ‘Tim’ ‘Tim’

Only ever had the rare occasion during the day when i wasn’t sure whether something was an internal voice or an intrusive thought. Usually a sentence or a few words.
At bed time before being consistently on injections used to get stuff going on, unconnected phrases and sentences going through my brain.
One time ‘shut up fatty’ came out of nowhere.

Yea me too the other night I was thankful the noise didn’t come with voices in the night!

My voices like come out to play when I’m trying to drift off to sleep.

The other night was odd. Very loud clear voice said “That was the best ice cream I’ve ever had”

Only I haven’t had ice cream for ages. That one made my eyes snap open and ponder for a moment.

i wish that my voices were non sensical like urs but mine r sticking to a persecution complex about time travel among other things. it would b nice if they didn’t make sense or speak directly to me.

hearing voices while going to sleep is normal. Normal people do it. I asked my doctor about it, it has a name but i forgot it.

Hypnagogic transitioning from waking to sleep and hypnopompic from being asleep to being awake. I guess that would occur over a very short period of time. My stuff could go on for hours,keeping me awake.
Regular medication seems to have virtually(99%) stopped it in it’s tracks. I can still take a while to get off but it’s not as bad.

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