Voices have been destroying me all day

they keep tricking me and i keep falling for it. They will say something nice and ill try to be nice then they say im so sorry then i start to hear alot of different voices all calling me a demon and telling me i dont know where im going. I just tell myself its a mental illness and try not to talk to them but i keep going back for some stupid reason. I just walk around like nothing is wrong to people but really im going crazy in my head.

I take 4.5 mg of risperdal i dont know how many more meds i can take they dont seem to be working. I dont want to increase the dose even more. I just feel so hopeless, it sucks


I’m so sorry. Meds don’t change any so called positive symptoms in me either. I hate that. I’ve tried so many APs it’s ridiculous. I hope it gets better for you


Keep trying you will hit jackpot!

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My antipsychotic does nothing to lessen the voices for me either. Trying to maintain perspective is a full-time job for me, but it’s do-able most days

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you need to say this to your psy doctor, he/she will know what to do, maybe increase your meds, maybe change your med. good luck to you !

I’m on 6mg I had omnipresent voices on 4mg, 6mg literally changed my life

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your on 6 mg of risperdal

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Yup! No side effects except no libido plus possible runners dystonia

whats runner dystonia

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Where you run like a spastic, google it

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i googled it it, does it bother you alot

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Yeah sometimes, other times I can run for weeks, it dosent make sense!! Like why does it happen for a period then other times I can run. I thought the IRA were doing it through mind control

thats very good that you run, i wish i would

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I do it for about a month then give up, something usually happens to get in the way.

i’m glad the voices went away mostly for me… maybe they just need to change your meds a bit still… it took a long search for me to find the right meds. Eventually i got on a combo of risperdal consta 50mg 2 weekly shot and 200mg clozapine a day and that helps for me.

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