Voices: Are we better off with them or without them?

If you had to live with everything else involved in being schizo, would you prefer no voices or to keep the voices? The voices can make life more interesting and provide many insights.

I have to say, I am glad they finally started talking to me. I think by them talking to me it changed my life for the better and saved my life. Not knowing they’re there is worse than knowing and being able to confront your demons.

Depends what your life is like. They can be comforting but they can also be evil. I missed them for a bit. But whenever they end up coming back I just want them to go away again

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I think the worst psychosis can be when there aren’t any voices.

My entity just said the voices can be a clue something is wrong.

And it is my belief those with the least amount of clues are the most tortured/controlled. Going from a myopic psychosis to a metaphysical journey and awakening is an act of liberty and transcendence.

There’s a network called the hearing voices network you might like if you find your voices helpful.

I don’t really find mine helpful

A lot of knowledge can be found in a lie.

Lol good observation there sir

Mine tell me daily that I am dead, or gonna die, or are going to hell so yeah I wish I did not have them.

Sometimes they are nice, say they love me. But my insight takes a beating and I get scared hearing the negative hallucinations.

My guess is the voices alone are not what is really disturbing you. It also involves mood alteration - they say something kind of mean, and as they say it they alter your emotional reaction to it to get the exact response they want - unless you identify this tactic in your mind and don’t let them put you in the desired mental state they want.

My friend sent me this article


The same could be said for UFOs. In certain tribal communities when they see an aircraft they identify it as their dead ancestors for instance. They call them cargo cults.

But I do find it interesting that there is higher recovery rates and re-integration into society in certain societies where there is a strong belief in the supernatural.

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I would say targeted individuals are the flip side of a cargo cult - I call them a techno cult - they deal with the paranormal and identify it as a technology and created a cult based around theoretical psychotronic technologies.

I’ve heard that but I was reading a book Surviving Schizophrenia and it stated that more thorough research in the 3rd world has shown rates of the disease the same as the U.S. with people having as much difficulty functioning there as here.

I like the forms my voices take and yes, I am definitely glad to have them.

Some of my voices were a comforting presence, others were awful to experience - command hallucinations. I miss the comforting ones, they got me through some rough times. Now that I’m free from hallucinations I’m left with poor coping skills to get through life.

having had them for nearly 15 years i’m not really bothered by them anymore they are almost always nasty and negative…you can’;t do this, you can;t write that, you can;t act, you can’t sing or we’ll kill you…you can’t go to the police or we’ll kill you. you have to take this deal or we’ll kill you…same ole threats just different topics covered…
.i still write, albeit sporadically but i think that will change soon enough…it would look a trifle odd if i couldn’t write a book simply because of voices in my head…
yes life woiuld be better without them but then again they don’t really bother me as much as they used to so it is what it is. so long as you don’t believe a word they say it’s of no consequence. all mine are are triggered responses anyway so it;s sort of a null point. were i to be proven telepathic however it would e a different story all together…
.although saying that even triggered responses are enough to get out the gavel i think…meh…■■■■ 'em. thy are what they are and they are here to stay…may aswell just get used to it and get on with life.

Hell no. I don’t hear voices and wouldn’t want them. You can also have my memories of past lives and paranoia. I don’t want them.