Voices and feeling scared

The voices are telling me that I’m being surveilled by a group of bad people including my doctor and family. All day I’ve been trying to get out of the house, but I was very sick and couldn’t move. I think I’ve been poisoned. I really need to get away from these people so they don’t use mind control on me again, but I can’t drive, my bicycle isn’t here, and everyone is awake. I’m scared and it feels like no one understands. There’s nowhere safe for me now. I have to get out of here before my next injection. I can’t let them control me again.


Hang in there. Please. It’s nothing against you but your mind. It really is hard but we’ve all been there.

It’s hard now but the meds work …they really do but you need to give them time and often that is at least a month and a half. I know it’s hard now but please. Your doctors are only trying to help as is your family. Don’t do anything stupid. I’m glad I got on meds when I did. Psychosis really does suck.


It really feels like they’re trying to hurt me, but they’re not?

No. They can’t affect the living. It’s just smoke and mirrors from some faulty brain chemistry.

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I still don’t get why it feels so real. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want anyone to hurt me.

The voices aren’t real beings or entities. They can’t hurt you. It’s just noise. Ignore and go on about your day.

Stay strong Hrafn!
Psychosis is awful, but if you give your medication time, it can help.

Delusions can come with psychosis and your mind can be so convincing that it seems like people are out to get you, but their not.

I totally agree.

The voices said I needed to exterminate a sinful sentence I wrote. They said something about fire. I’m confused, but I need to make sense of it.

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