Visualize my discriminatory words

Terrorizing the motherfriggin burbs
Criminally I’m insane
It’s just I mixed the dust with the rust with the fuss with the rain
The pain with a marijuana strain
They label me as a psycho
But is it against my will to try and fight yo?
Screw the pictures screw the liquor
And definitely screw that mister
Screw the roots I grew up in
Screw the foot of my suffering
Figuratively, I’m biblically
But literally, I’m misery
Jealous of the fellas with the girls in the sweater
Holding an umbrella
Cuz they have the right to act mellow
While I have the right to fight
And stand up in sight
Man up and buss it as I touch it
Can’t focus
I’m just loco
Blowin smoke yo
Don’t need rhoto
Cuz I don’t have time for that slow stuff
Don’t have rhymes for those blow and puff
Just for those who live it rough

Wrote this while psychotic