Found ALL my psych ward poetry

This ones from the beginning of july 2011

Living hell

Personality split
I got my wit, and a little bit of I really dont give a sh1t.
I’m a leader and a marijuana seeder.
That’s my occupation
and I’ll be doing it for my lifes duration.
Above the law, brain sharper than a ■■■■■■■ buzzsaw.
I could get real mad
but often times il jsut be sad.
They ask me why.
How could you be sad when you’re always high?
have you seen the earth? I’ve been stuck in this living hell since my date of birth.
I’m in a living hell, stuck in a cell and I can’t get out.
Changing the world that’s what im about
It’s gonna be real hard
But if I charge and bombard, while I stay on guard,
I can do it.
Whatever happened to Obama? Did he just say “screw it.”?

Politics as always
smoking cigarettes in the whitehouse hallways
before a speech, the only further step is to go impeach
replace with me
because besides osama, only thing we catch is z, z, z’s.
Wake up America!

Weird how I was more insightful than I give myself credit for 4+ years ago. I think back sometimes and say “I knew nothing back then” but I was more insightful than I thought. Will post more later. :slight_smile:


Good stuff ! I was able to improv new lyrics quick when I was locked up

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I erased my diary from when I was hospitalized. Now I think it is sad that I did. But I did it because there was so much pain in my writings and did not want to be reminded.

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nice! why dont you record a rap with these lyrics?

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I think my new lyrics are better

This is a song I recorded the other day

Sometimes I get writers block, never had it in the hospital


nice! a lot of internal rhymes, and i like your voice.

cant comment much on the content since im brazillian and didnt really understand the lyrics well