Visitors and eating

I can’t stop eating when there is visitors. I have almost nothing to say in their conversations and I get sleepy so instead of sleeping I eat nonstop, cake with whipped cream, nuts, candies, dates, etc My mother gets mad as it doesn’t look nice infront of visitors what I do, she called me a pig. I finished the food bowls on the visitors table and browght food from the kitchen in my hands eating it infront of visitors.

I guess my parents are ashamed of me.

Since I have sz, I am not following the etiquette anymore.

I cant leave the treats alone when visitors come over either. I got in a fight with my mom because i told her to stop putting it out and she reacted badly. What can i say aps give us the munchies.

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Kudos to you for even dining with your visitors though! I would’ve probably stayed in my room…


Yeah I don’t really like to eat in front of visitors or strangers.
My OCD paranoia will kick in.

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I have a hard time not giving in to the munchies, and I’m on a first-gen medication. We had dinner tonight, and 3 hours later I had to go out and get a greasy bite to eat. Figure I’m gonna die young, so what the hell. Just kidding (kinda). But seriously, even though I may be able to stave off hunger, I fight constipation from my antidepressant. I give up.

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