Video: Nietzsche on Suffering

I was feeling depressed and had suicidal thoughts a couple days ago. I watched this video and I felt better, like I was supposed to suffer and endure. A lot of schizophrenics suffer. I think if we change our views on suffering with schizophrenia, we can be live happier and more productive lives. Instead of viewing it in a negative light, maybe view it as positive-a struggle that we’re supposed to survive. To make us stronger and better. I for one want to be a schizophrenic that makes it; one that can hold down a job all while suffering from this illness. It’s infinitely more inspiring when someone struggles and makes it than someone who makes it with ease. Thoughts?


thanks for the interesting youtube video …i was told that suffering can cause one to be great

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It is heartening to think that there are reasons for our suffering, at least according to Nietzsche. But often times the pain is too great, and it is hard to see any justification for it. I’ve heard of people getting third degree burns over eighty per cent of their bodies, and living. What about the Nazies seeing how many times they could break and reset the leg of a Jewish child. There is no redeeming aspect to that. That kind of suffering doesn’t enoble anyone. It just makes them feel intense, pointless pain.


What about the Buddhist concept of dukkha (suffering) caused by attachment , clinging, or grasping? They say that suffering is ennobling but I have yet to fully understand that. Suffering to the Buddhist is not merely physical. Nietzsche had a bad stomach and might have been suffering from syphilis which caused him to go insane. He was also isolated as a thinker and as a man as a result .He must have been terribly lonely. His idea was to overcome the suffering by force of will My suffering as a SZ is painful. It is lifelong and crippling mentally but it could be worse, as crimby has pointed out.


pain = suffering = knowledge = wisdom.
pain and suffering exist at the bottom of the hill…
knowledge exists half way up the hill…
wisdom exists at the top of the hill… :sunny:
only then, can you see what is in the future of all things…( my sith teacher taught me this one. )
take care :alien:

I do not believe in his concept of suffering.