Video Games, PC/XOne/PS4/Nintendo/Mobile

Hey… any of you playing games to forget about the hell schizophrenia gives us? :yum:

I like to play games myself. PC mostly. List the games you currently play. I’ll start…

Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1
Company of Heroes 2
DCS World
Dota 2 (Previously)
and i’m downloading Fortnite.

What games do you play/suggest? :smile:

I use to play MMO-RPG’s but seems that my friends outgrown them and moved on with life. I would play it again probably when BLESS Online and Lineage Eternal comes out.


Monster Hunter world is pretty great!!

And I play overwatch on ps4! who do you main??


Overwatch is hot. I wonder if you can cross servers from PS4 and PC altogether. I play Asian servers and its flooded with Koreans. :smile: I like to play Mccree for Attack, Winston & Roadhog for Tank, Brigette for Support and I forgot that guy’s name. The guy with the Ultimate as a tank for defense.

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Idk but that’d be awesome if we could!

Awesome! I’m a genji main mostly but for defense hanzo, tank and for support mercy/moira. But I’ll play as almost anyone but pharah and mccree :sweat_smile:

I’m sorry I just get really excited about overwatch!! All of your mains are awesome I always got respect for mccree players! Cause I’m horrible at him.

And as for the hero you forgot the name of is it bastion?? The robot with the bird?

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I just bought myself Soul Calibur 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament for my ps2 the other day.
I’ve been playing those nonstop to unlock everyone.
I miss the days before DLC and the characters were all just unlockables


starcraft lol heroes of the storm wow here

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I’ve been into multiplayer FPS the last year, xbox one: Overwatch, Battlefield 1 and cod ww2

I play Fifa, Katamari Forever, Monopoly and Worms on ps3.
On the PC, I play Sims, Minecraft, Black & White, and random games.

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Happy cakeday @paingain :cake:

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I play Diablo 2 and runescape still. Old school games

I played fortnite with a friend the other day. He was on a playstation and I was on PC. Those let you cross play.

I usually play more casual games like Cards Against Humanity or Jackbox

do u play the latest sims? which i think is Sims 4? ive been thinkin bout getting it, but i dont think this crappy comp can handle it.

Because of anhedonia I don’t get much enjoyment from games. But… I’ve been playing some old arcade games with an emulator on the raspberry pi. Donkey kong, Spy hunter, Rolling thunder Galaxians etc Also some old ZX Spectrum games, for the nostalgia :slight_smile:

Great to see gamers here! We should not let schizophrenia spoil our fun in life. :yum:

even more exciting is an overwatch player. Hi5 mate. yeah it’s bastion. i’m really hving fun with Reinhardt. his voice and skills are just so funny when you smash ur opponent in a wall! :joy:

There’s another game that looks similar to overwatch. I think it’s called Paladins on steam. anyone played that? doubt it will be better than Overwatch though.

In the Battlefield series, I think 1 has awesome graphics and the storyline is great. 4 & 3 are good too. I’m excited for Battlefield 5 to come out.

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I play games on a PS4. I just finished the Last Guardian and am now playing South Park the Stick of Truth. I also finished the VR version of Batman. :sun_with_face:


Sometimes I play my Nintendo Wii. I play Super Mario Galaxy a lot. Wii Sports Resort is awesome as well.

I’m a casual player, so I need the games not to be very difficult to play. If I have to learn a lot of stuff to play the game, I give it up.

Batman Arkham series is an exception. I can learn them just to play them.


Virtual Reality Batman was awesome. It was cool to look down at my hands and see Batman’s hands. :sun_with_face:


I play all the sims, but mainly the latest (sims 4).

It runs better than Sims 3 on most computers, so it might be possible to run it even if your computer couldn’t run Sims 3.

I like it a lot :slight_smile:

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I left my 3DS behind, apparently, so I can’t play any of my 3DS games like Pokemon: Ultra Moon or Persona Q.

I play TS4 (Sims 4), TS3 (but it isn’t installed since I reset my computer), Tales of Zestiria, replaying Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments, Slime Rancher.

I play a bunch of mobile games, but I usually quit them just as fast as I start them, lol. I have a bunch of Idle Clickers running.

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I love the mass effect games. I also play The Sims 4. I have all of the base Sims games. The assassin’s creed series is awesome. I play minecraft. I played skyrim a lot but haven’t played in a while.