Video game thread!


I watched Ready Player One. Almost in one sitting. It was good. Funny too.


I am hoping everyone is enjoying their gaming, I have been playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate as much as possible since Friday. I have yet to play the old school classic Smash portion of the game but I have unlocked 3 or 4 characters from World of Light, last unlock was Donkey Kong.

Has anyone tried to set up games online with friends? I have just done the quickplay matches and had one match in the arena or whatever it’s called that was one on one, I won that ha.

I have been getting stomped online but it’s still fun, I just want to be able to play custom games with others but am not sure how to set these up yet.

Samus is my go to.


I watched that movie recently. I enjoyed it. Good fun popcorn movie.


I haven’t played Super Smash Bros Ultimate online with any friends yet as I don’t have many on Switch. I did read the online matchmaking is a little lackluster. I’m sure it will improve with some updates.

I played online against randoms and did fairly well. It is still fun though a bit random in the rules. I’ve also been playing the World of Light mode. I’ve unlocked about 20 characters and am quite a few hours in. Still haven’t unlocked Robin which is one of my favorite characters to play as. It is a fun mode but some battles are very difficult. I need to get more powerful spirits. So far my main is the Mii Swordsman.


I have been playing mostly fighting games street fighter v, mortal kombat xl and tekken 7. I mostly play online both on psn and steam. I love playing single player games as well like shenmue 1&2, final fantasy, metal gear etc.


I wonder who will be added as DLC in Super Smash Bors Ultimate. So far they’ve only announced one. Joker from Persona 5.


I just hope it’s not someone with a sword. They have plenty of characters with swords and I just hope whatever they have as DLC is unique.


I have a feeling Diablo from the Blizzard games is a possibility. I also think Naruto is a possibility. A lot of people online have been clamoring for Goku from Dragonball Z. I don’t know if he will be added. I don’t really have any idea as to who will be added. Joker from Persona 5 is a pleasant surprise to me. Early on there were rumors about Geno from Super Mario RPG being included. Anyone you’d like to see added?


If Master Chief was possible I would be pretty excited. Imagine being able to use a rocket launcher and sticky grenades ha.

Pretty sure Master Chief is a no go although I would enjoy having him use the sword.

I am not sure who else I would like to see, it is already so varied.


Hah yeah that would be fun. It is a shame Microsoft wouldn’t allow it. I’d personally like to see Alucard added. I don’t think it will happen as he is another sword user and apparently is in as an assist trophy. Also I’d like to see Megaman X. Come to think of it Zero might have a chance of being added.


I do kind of miss the platforming stages of the previous Super Smash Bros. The ones where you level up your character and have an extra set of abilities with touch buttons.


I’m not sure I know what you are referring to as leveling up, which game did you remember that being in? I am not sure I know what you are talking about.


The super smash bros for 3ds. There was a mode where it was platforming and you could collect speed, attack, or defense icons. I forgot what it was called. The speed ones were little green boots. The levels had a timer with a variety of enemies. I forgot what the mode was called.


How old is your pug she is so cute. Mine is 11 months old.


I finished unlocking the smash brothers ultimate roster yesterday. I just quit and relaunched every match to speed up the challengers, and paused/quit whenever I was about to lose a challenge. Then when I launch the program again they are waiting to challenge again after my first match.

I haven’t played any mode outside of Smash. Waiting on a USB-Ethernet adapter so I can play online without lag.

My friend code is

Just in case someone wants to add me.


Haha thanks! It’s a he! He is now 6 years old. Will turn 7 sometime in April next year. I love my dog. He’s my buddy. Yours is still a puppy! They’re great dogs for companionship. My pug thinks he’s the boss but he’s a very kind boss.:slightly_smiling_face:


I got the Nintendo switch a few weeks ago but I have hardly played it cause I’ve been too addicted to red dead redemption 2


Yeah I’m waiting on that USB adapter as well. I’ve read it will be around 30 dollars. I played 9 matches online the day of release. They’re fun although one of them had horrible lag. How are you doing in Fallout 76? I might play it later after I take a shower unless my mom comes to visit.


Well I’m trying to level up without doing quests/events because some of the rewards are scaled to level.

I just set up camp between morgantown airport and the penitentiary to the north. I usually clear out the mutants and check the cafeteria for aluminum. The game hasn’t dropped any Stims really so I’ve been relying on food and sleeping on my CAMP bed for regen.

Half the time I’m starving though, those mutants don’t always bring dogs and sometimes you can’t find any animals.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is great. Lately I’ve been playing my switch much more since Super Smash Bros Ultimate was released. It was definitely fun playing online with you. I enjoy playing Red Dead Online with friends far more than alone. Alone it seems a bit empty. I’m sure with updates it will improve.