Video game thread!


Here are a couple websites with good PC video game deals.

The bundles are the best deals. For example fanatical currently has Shadow of Mordor with all the DLC for 4.99

Humblebundle has been mentioned in this thread before. They have a new bundle every 4 weeks or so. Some of the proceeds go to charity as well. Just thought I’d share good deals because @BrianTex shared the Battlefield V deal.


Don’t worry Skunk! I’m sure there will be a price drop for 3DS next year. As for the Nintendo switch there are rumors that Nintendo will make an upgraded version of the Switch possibly next year or in 2020.


In other gaming news, Dragon Age 4 is might be officially announced during the video game awards show. I doubt it will release anytime soon sources say not until at least 2021, also game developers are working on a new Star Wars game that may be open world ala Skyrim. What else… uh… Elder Scrolls Blades for the phone has been delayed until early 2019 according to my sources. Nintendo is working on a new Zelda. That is all for now.


Super Smash Brothers Ultimate in six hours.

Fear the star fox! I’m gonna reflect so much thrown crap back at everybody. Can’t wait to play a smash brothers game online.


Humble Bundle’s Yogscast Jingle Jam bundle for $35 gives you access to all games released up to the 25th, by the way, not just what is unlocked up to the day you bought it. So, you can buy now and enjoy what they have released, and keep checking every day for the new games you can access.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is going to be pretty big. Fun to watch on too.


It’s funny how my PS4 can be nothing more than an expensive DVD player some days.

I sort of want to try one of those Virtual Boys some time. I heard they were hard on the eyes though.


My youngest wants Mario Party (Switch) so we can all play. Anyone tried it?


I’m thinking of getting Rust, WoW, or Battlefield 4. Any recommendations. I’ve played WoW and BF4 so much before. Rust is cheaper but I’m not so sure about it lol. I don’t think my computer can handle BF5 or BF1. I have BF1 on PS4 and BF5 is just another WW2 game. I heard call of duty is good but I’ve played that game so many times too. Any suggestions?

I have a geforce gtx 1050 ti.


I upgraded a hunting rifle and I’m shooting super mutants.

I have to help mow the lawn and bag the leaves soon though. Wish it wasn’t so cold out.


I’m evil. On my PS2 I played Hitman for hours. I just leveled up on weapons then went back through the levels with the most and biggest guns and just engaged in mass murder whether the folks were a Target or not. I felt sorry for that office building in Malaysia. People would run to the bathrooms and shut the stalls. Those stall doors were thin…very thin.


I think your 1050ti should be able to run those games at least on medium settings. I’ve never played Rust. I’ve seen videos and it looks like a fun crafting and survival game. World of Warcraft is very fun especially with friends. I haven’t played it in some years. I have Battlefield 4 on the PS4. Had tons of fun with it when it was released. Haven’t played the newer Call of Duty games so I can’t comment much on that. You can’t really go wrong with World of Warcraft, might seem a little dated now though.


I’m level 15 now. Been trying to finish the Bureau of Tourism quest. I too use the hunting rifle. Mine does around 74 damage. I was able to craft one and modified it. Haven’t seen you online much lately. I’m about to get Super Smash Bros Ultimate and I’m highly looking forward to that game.


I like to play the hero. Rampages are fun too though! Sounds like you had tons of fun slaughtering people hahah. Sometimes on Red Dead Online my friends and I go on a killing spree just to loot dead bodies for about 8 cents each. Last night we got into a firefight with some other players. It was loads of fun. Something about blasting people in the face with the shotgun feels satisfying.


I have not tried it on switch although I did play it extensively on Nintendo 64. I have heard it is a good party and family game. I think your children would enjoy it.


Yes Mario Party is great! I used to play it with my little brothers and sometimes my mom too… It’s like a board game with minigames on certain squares, very fun and rated E for everyone.


@ilovethaifood I’ve been farming the prison north of the airport for exp and caps. I’m up to 1000 caps and I’m only level 14. I restarted one last time and having a great time with my current setup.

South from airport is scorched/ghouls for easy leveling, north is mutant for harder. I am ticked off that I missed one of their time-limited outfits, they really should just add it in as a permanent item in the shop.

Regardless I can’t tear myself away long enough to check out Smash Brothers. Lone Wanderer is ridiculously good. I found a sniper rifle, took the scope off and just used it as a hunting rifle.

Endgame for me is having the Speed Demon and Marsupial mutations permanently. There’s a way you can do that where you don’t have to rely on luck for which mutation you get.


Lol. That Hitman game was fun. I’d shoot people just to see what funny position they’d fall into then after everyone was offed I’d pick em all up and put them in a big neat pile on the floor or chuck em all down a flight of stairs. Haha. Told you I’m an evil Skunk. But IRL I’m a fluffy kitten.


I just got this

Can’t wait to get started. At the moment I’m transferring some games to a micro sd card. After that I should be able to play. Just got the Nintendo Online 1 year package as well.


Oh you got the physical! Fox is availble right away but I have to unlock Wolf, then I’m switching. I downloaded it digitally.

Hard to get used to this, last time I played smash it was with a gamecube controller.

Lol now I got Diablo, Smash Brothers, and Fallout 76. It’s basically Christmas. That’s after a long draught of games I considered fun.


Yeah I did. I still haven’t unlocked Wolf yet. I played for a good chunk of the day and unlocked a few characters. I went 8-1 online with the Mii Swordsman I made and was surprised I’m not as bad as I thought. So far I’ve unlocked Bowser, Inkling, Villager, Pit and a couple others I can’t remember at the moment. Played on the Spirit World of Light mode too. I enjoyed it except for the SPOILERS having to unlock other characters. I want to try Robin. Seems like he’s one of the later characters in that mode.