Video game thread!


I did not know the rewards scaled. That is good to know. I can now craft imperial Chinese swords. They’re not as good as I was hoping for. I think I’m level 12 now. Haven’t been playing PS4 much lately. My build is a little screwed up. I invested too much into intelligence for crafting melee weapons. I don’t think that was such a good idea overall. I feel it could have gone into better perk cards.


I spent a long time figuring out my special. I settled on

I: 10
A: 9
L: 11

Lone wanderer is my favorite, it gives me 20% damage resist and +30% AP regen when soloing. I’m working on putting points in crafting skills. The strength is for strong back and eventually a few power armor perks. I need to level pretty high to get the skills I’m looking forward to. I think I’m level 18.


I agree it feels a bit empty alone. I have almost finished the story now so I’m starting to get into the online more and I feel it’s much better when I play with my sister or that time with you.


Do you still use the rifle as your main weapon? Also I read there was an update on the PC version which should come to consoles on Thursday if I remember correctly. It fixes a few more bugs.


I read there will be a patch to 1.04 soon. It is supposed to help with online stuttering and such.


Yeah I’m using single shot rifles and getting all three of the perception perks that add to non-automatic rifle damage.

I’m sure there’s some semi automatic rifles out there that should benefit, too. Also sniping I guess. I have all the parts for power armor but haven’t entered it yet. Can’t do much to it without the armor station I think.


Good to know that those three points in perception are a solid investment. I too use a rifle. I’ve realized carrying too many guns hinders the weight limit. Now I generally only carry a pump action shotgun, a modified hunting rifle and a sword.


I might get WoW. I’m tired of battlefield. I’m tired of games but my options are limited. I want to finish this physics class before I get sucked into gaming again. I still want to learn coding and build websites and eventually get back into math.


Aquaboy/girl is always fun.

Also maybe we could fight online as a team in super smash bros? Is that possible?


That’d be great! I’m not sure how Super Smash Bros works online with friends. I’ve read it is still a bit random and finicky.


My Sumosys is here. Trying to decide if it warrants an unboxing video this weekend.


So it wasn’t a scam? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


It comes with all the games advertised and works as advertised (very well!). The problem is that the 10,000+ ROMs are all obviously bootleg. Means they’ll be sued out of existence soon. Glad I got one when I did.



I want to order one. But they are sold out. :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:



I have something similar. It’s a modded Xbox with all the Roms from original Xbox an ps2 back it’s about 10k games


Okay, discovering some of the games won’t load, like Gauntlet, Xevious, Xevious 3D, etc. Also, Star Wars was advertised as being in the MAME section, but not there. Investigating to see if I can fix this myself. Thing looks like a modified RetroPi system.


Sumosys uppity-update. I’ve got most of the games loading now, you just have to edit the metadata and pick a different MAME core. Some of them STILL won’t run, however, like Gauntlet (damn it!). And I very much want Star Wars.


I’ve recently gotten into Minecraft again. After I installed OptiFine, the game runs at a tolerable level for playing on multiplayers servers. One of my online friends opened a server, so I’ve been enjoying playing on that with my group.

Anyone else play Minecraft?


Has anyone had problems connecting to online battles in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

I don’t think it’s my internet but was curious if others had problems.


I haven’t played online since release day. I’ll check to see if I can connect online later. I’m a bit under the weather today. When I did play online it was docked. Have you tried to go online in docked mode?