Vgm thread 3

short videos, this time…

darn! I just wanted to upload one good one from the playlist. but then I kept finding other good ones. I’ve reached the end of palylist, but darn!

Edit: I had to re-edit one of the song link. accidentally uploaded wrong one…

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last three are from last thread.

things have quieted down at home, so I can finally write.
will be back later

This game had a great opening :sob:
I really appreciate the whole continuous shot thing.


that feeling when thread’s my playlist…

I really like this music. so I’m surprised this ending is the bad ending of game o_0

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in this game, the dancer excited me…

your post’s… blank. glitch on my end…?

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I remember when the conflict Vietnam trailer came on, I went insane. Like I couldn’t stop bugging my mom for this game; I must’ve been like 10 or so at the time. I remember it was kinda hard— I remember thinking this trailer looked insane at the time …SALTS( Smiled A Little Then Stopped):

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