Vgm and vgmv

video game music
video game music videos.

keep them short.

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from previous threads

lol, I accidentally typed “vgm vgmv” in google, and i got this exact page.

quite scary how accurate google’s search algorithm can be

Super Mario Brothers, as played by MARIACHIS!


bro had bluetooth speaker right outside my room, since yesterday.

probably woke me up early. but then again; I went to sleep way earlier than usual, last night. most likely the latter.

either way, enjoy

reminds me of Beetle Adventure Racing- Mount Mayhem

my bro and I beat this game, a month ago. first 3 minutes of staff credit was truly unique, though it’s lyrical ;/

trigger warning: blood

I want to share more music from this game, but most of its music is so fused with the game environment that the music alone would barely be appreciated

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"No one wishes for the fog to lift. Why act against the wishes of your fellow man? Consider…is that truly just?". ~ Ameno-Sagiri

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Beddy-bye time. Got a wisdom tooth extracted today …(@_@)…

More grateful for health when this is healed…

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