Very urgent question for those in the uk

Given the nunchuck hate of the 90’s, some friends brought up the issue of the Wii nunchuck controller.

What do y’all call it? Do you still call it a nunchuck?

Just to be clear, I’m taking about this thing.

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idk, i dont see what it has to do with anything though lol

It has to do with curiosity. Are you not familiar with the lounge category?

its just a bit random, that’s all

its just some weird, stupid computer thingy lol, people have had accidents with it, what’s so urgent about it?

I mean its not really that urgent is it? lol

What do you mean by this?

I feel like the Wii Nunchuck was always called Nunchuck and always will be.

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I want to answer this honestly, but @ninjastar is just out of sight with a ban hammer. I am certain of it.

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It definitly is not an urgent question lol.

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Maybe they’re having an argument about it. I call it nunchuck too. It connects to the Wii remote. I have one but I dont use it anymore really, maybe one day I will use it lol I used it to play Wii games on PC using emulator.

How do you chuck a nun with that?

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In oz it’s called the nunchuck as well.

You wrap one of the ends around the nun’s neck, and FLING!


I think it was TMNT, but they had to change the weapons for the UK audience because they wouldn’t approve use of nunchucks in a kids show.

So I wasn’t sure if they called it something different.

And no, it’s not actually urgent. :roll_eyes: I was being sarcastic.

I cant see any reason for sarcasm, :man_shrugging:

@velociraptor I try to stick to the proper category, i’m not actually diagnosed sz anymore though but whatever.

I think its just wii joystick, what type i cannot tell

I’ve never heard the term joystick before. Where are you from that they call it that?

Im from lithuania but lived in UK. Joystick is like an international word for what you encircled

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I’ve always called it a nunchuck and I’m from the uk

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It IS the proper category, for crying out loud.

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I call it a numbchuck. You don’t feel any different from playing the Wii.