Very paranoid about my dogs now

It’s been three weeks since the dog disasters started.

Having one dog needing life saving emergency surgery,

And the other having to be put to sleep.

I’m grieving, but I’m also getting very paranoid about my other dog’s health.

I’ve been checking their breathing,

Imagining symptoms,

And being weird in general.

Are they sick?

Am I losing it?

I don’t want to take a PRN because something might happen with the dogs and I’ll be too sleepy to notice or help.

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Maybe you should not worry about it

I think that it is only natural to be worried about your other dogs after having two major incidents in a row. How many dogs do you have?

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Since we lost Rigby,

I have two.


You should take the prn. It will help. I’m sure your other dog will be just fine.


I also think you should take the PRN.

I agree, I think you should take the PRN.

Can you relax near them, be close to them while you’re on it? Remember: you’re not good for them if you don’t take care of yourself…

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i hope your dogs are good and if it’s becoming too much then take the PRN yea.

I’m sorry @Charles_Foster
Taking care of your health is vital.
Take the PRN if need be

Oh @Charles_Foster i am so sorry you lost your friend. You must be heartbroken. Regarding your other dog we have talked about the incredible stress a sick pet is. Throw in grieving and you must be having just an awful time. Am so sorry

Personally I would take the prn or else I might soon get so stressed I would be unable to properly look after the pet. Extreme stress effects judgement.

Sending love and supportive vibes friend

I’m so sorry you lost a fur baby. How devastating. I think your other dog that seems ok really is ok. I think it’s safe to take your prn

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