My dog is sick and I'm freaking out

For those of you that don’t know,

In the course of about two weeks late last year on of my dogs got deathly ill and had to have risky emergency surgery to save her life and my other dog suddenly became sick,

He had to be put to sleep.

It was an incredibly sad and stressful time.

The surviving dogs have been very healthy since.

But this morning my little dog, the one that had the surgery, is sick.

She threw up and I’m freaked out.

Her tail is tucked, but she ate her breakfast and went to sleep.

Gods, I hope she’s okay.

Oh noes, that’s tough. So sorry to hear you lost a pupper. Hope the other bounces back.


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I’m sorry @Charles_Foster
Maybe it’s just temporary.

I didn’t know you had to put one of your dogs to sleep.

It must have been very painful for you.

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Oh a sick pet is so stressful. Here is wishing for all the best. It’s a good sign they are their breakfast. Is your partner in the house? A bit of company might help the stress levels. Thinking of you

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Yeah, we had to put Rigby to sleep,

It still makes me cry.

He was our sweetest dog.

Now I’m worried the other dog is going to die.

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dogs Do get sick, but they also throw up for no reason.
what are you feeding her?

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It’s true.

Dogs do just throw up for no reason sometimes.

I feed her Cesar Delights.

Wet food.


So sorry for your loss @Charles_Foster.
Hope your other dog will be okay.
Hugs and prayers.


I sometimes think my cat yarfs simply because she can’t stand the thought of a clean carpet.



My dog would always throw up. You might be feeding her wet food too much. Try blue dog food. Better for health of dog.

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Hope your puppy feels better soon.


I’m so sorry you had to put your fur baby down. That’s awful. Hopefully the little one is ok. They do throw up sometimes without being sick so fingers crossed!


So sorry for this.i hope he goes well

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It’s been several hours since she was sick.

Everything seems pretty normal.


Sorry to hear. Hope your other pup gets back to health

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