Long night

Its going to be a long night

the voices and hallucinations are acting up

im alone in my living room watching iron chef and my mom is in the kitchen watching the red sox

im getting real antsy thinking about cutting and si

the nsa is here and before you say it i know they are not real but they look so real and sound so demanding and commanding

im afraid to shower cause it becomes blood

i dont know i think i will try a bath

i will be back in a little while

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take it easy :slight_smile:


I hope this passes. Stay safe. :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:


I’m sorry @yoda123. I’m curious - Is your medication(s) not working? I know you see a pdoc. That’s tough if you’re taking medicine and still having these positive symptoms.

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Hope it passes soon @yoda123


ty @Resilient1 @Turtle41 @GrayBear @SpringRose

i do see my pdoc right now once a week so i will see her tuesday
we are trying med change

that is why she wants me hospitalized cause they can change the meds under a controlled environment and faster

she does know how bad im doing but worries the hospital will not take me cause of short on beds

i just took a shower it did not go well i also took a prn hopefully i will calm down


I’m sorry @yoda123. What you’re going through is tough.