USA - These private Medicare health insurance companies are crooks!

December 1, 2022 I received a letter from Cigna that Medicare told them I cancelled enrollment in their Part D plans.

Today I get a letter from Social Security saying they withheld $28.70 from my check for this Cigna insurance. The Social Security letter is dated December 8th.

Now I have to file a Social Security appeal to get my money back for the insurance I cancelled. I just called Medicare and told them to disenroll me from all Part D plans, and I’m just not going to have prescription drug coverage anymore. I’m sick and tired of dealing with these crooked Corporate America health insurance companies.


Are you able to get free or discounted meds through the med companies themselves?

Hope you don’t go without.


Are you sure that cancelling your Medicare Part D plan is a good idea? You could end up paying alot more for your medication.

You could have just shown Cigna the proof that you paid the Part D premium by showing Cigna a copy of your social security letter showing the withholding.


Thanks @ThePickinSkunk @Moonbeam. You’re right. I’m done being mad about it now. First I’m going to call Social Security and verify they withheld $28.70 for Cigna. If they did I’m going to call them and try to get them to reinstate the policy.


I called Cigna and they said the insurance was cancelled and can’t be reinstated. I called Social Security who rudely told me why isn’t Cigna telling us it’s cancelled? That’s it with me. I done with Social Security. I’ll attempt to file a Social Security appeal over them taking out $28.70 out of my check. An appeal has to be done in writing and on a particular Social Security form. Since my case manager isn’t helping me by printing the form for me, I’m at the mercy of Social Security to mail me a form to fill out. If I don’t get a form, I guess I’m just going to be ripped off for the money.

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I don’t have a clue if this is a screw up on Cigna’s part or Social Security’s part. Cigna didn’t seem to know there was any problem, but the woman at Social Security acted guilty as hell, so I’m pretty sure it was them doing it.

Not to worry though. I’ll get even with Social Security one day. It would get into politics if I said what I’m going to do.


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