Urghh! Had another allergic reaction!

on the 20th I went to urgent care for an allergic reaction to Latuda . Pdoc increased my lamictal to help compensate for the psychosis I was having to the steroids. Well I ended up going back to urgent care in the morning and then again at night when the symptoms got worse(throat swelling shut). Now the pdoc says I have to be off an antipsychotic and a mood stabilizer until I see him on the 15th. He said do my best with the psychosis for the second round of steroids I’m on now. Because he cannot safely give me anything until all this including the steroids clears my system.

anyone share my pain?

That sucks. I’m sorry :frowning:

I am sorry that this happened to you, hope that you feel better soon.

**Geez! So sorry you have to deal with this!
Hang tough! :fist: **

All I can think of is to be grateful steroids exist. Suckers have saved my asthmatic ass on countless occasions. I know that doesn’t help ease your symptoms, but imagine having psychosis AND an allergic reaction. No bueno…

I would isolate and stay away from caffeine. Just stay sleepy, so your mind doesn’t create stuff.