Heads funky and my temper is getting short

Any ideas. Went off Latuda three weeks ago allergic reaction. One week ago second allergic reaction to Lamictal. So been on steroids for two weeks. Just finished them today. Pdoc wants me tested by a neuropsychological doc says I’m a lot slower. Now I am having fits of anger.

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Someebody else on here has lots of allergic reactions, I can’t remember who. Was it you? Ha. Anyway, they should give you something to counter the reaction while still taking your meds, no? Or do you need to just find the right one? Hope the tests go well.

Actually the Pdoc took me off med wants my system to get rid toxins before trying a new AP. Gotta wait until 15th to get new med.

I don’t totally understand allergic reactions, I mean some people say they out grow them, or they change over time, or that some times they get them and some times not. What are some of your symptoms?

If it’s the anger that’s bothering you… look into anger management workbooks. That did help me and give me coping tools…

Meds are great… and have really helped me… but I do believe meds can only do so much…

Therapy is the other part of the equation.

I’m not one hundred percent positive but I think I’m experiencing some kind of chemical in balance.

I can’t take any meds due to side effects. I am having a horrible day too maybe its the freaking moon or something

Hmm, well, the meds themselves are pretty harsh. I had to take an antihistamine with Haldol, or something other to counter the effects. I hope they change your meds to something you agree with.