Update on Saphire2014 surgery

Hi this is Sapphire’s little sister. She wanted me to give you an update on her progress. She is out of intensive care and resting comfortably. Her operation lasted six hours. They had stopped her heart for three minutes. The surgeon seems to feel that he was able to repair about 75% of the damage but said that some of the damage is permanent and that the only way to remedy it would be to replace her heart. Later on today, they are going to get her out of bed and walk. She is expected to be out of the hospital in a week, with six months of rehab. She wants to thank everyone for their prayers. And so do I. God bless.


Sending you and yours all the best.

That’s good news, we’re all thinking about her.

Excuse me for asking, but how can long qt cause heart damage? I also have heart problems, most likely from meds.

I hope she recovers. Glad that the operation was succesfull, must have been a really nerve wrecking day.

I will continue praying for your sister. Sad she still has damage. that’s awful.

Dear Mottec,

I am not a doctor and can only tell you what the doctor told us in the waiting room. The qt interval is the firing of the heart muscle to pump blood, if it waits too long to fire there is cardiac arrest or possible sudden death.

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Things like this shouldnt happen to young people. I wish you the best.

Hopefully all the scary parts of this are done for her, and she can be onto recovery now.

Thank you for the update.

I wish her well - hoping its a quick recovery period

Glad she’s through the worst part. Good luck to you and your family.