Update hadeda

So I’m not on here so much lately. Hubby kept me busy and I’ve been reading books and my sza is on backseat.

Need to see pdoc though, to maintain meds and adjust dosages. Stopped mirtazapine a few days ago with no problems (yet).

Not feeling that depressed but it’s on and off. Alien is fairly quiet and don’t hear from the good spirits either.

It gets a bit boring being more stable and I sometimes get tempted to reduce my AP’s because I don’t really have psychosis anymore.

I have cancelled pdoc visit twice - first time because of me and second time because of hubby. Haven’t got new spot yet but I’m worried about getting one before the offices close for holidays. Have to phone Monday.

Hubby and I have our ups and downs but I’m trying to carry on. We’re ok most of the time and I haven’t cut myself in the last few weeks.

So I’m coping for now.


Why did you do that?

I was on a low dose already lowered from before because it didn’t work for sleep anymore and just gave me akathisia

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I hope you can get that appointment soon for your refills. It’s really important because you’re finally feeling well. Don’t mess that up.

That said, I’m so happy for you that your symptoms are so much less now. That’s really good news

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Glad that you are hanging in there @Hadeda
Yeah hopefully you’ll be able to see your doctor soon

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