Unusual superpowers

If you could have an unusual superpower what would it be

mine wouldn’t be super strength or super speed or telekinesis or all that jazz

I would give myself the ability to walk in a bookstore and instantly have read every book in the store

I would be so knowledgeable

Think of some creative super powers for yourself!

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I’d like to be invisible. I could walk in and out of any Bank with the loot…and snoop on people.

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I would read the Holy Scriptures from cover to cover, and repeating it every year even though until I grow old.
From what I understand, there are Christians who have read the Holy Scriptures for 14-16 times at the age around 50.

You know that one item in the supermarket that won’t scan at the cash register and causes an embarrassing lineup to form behind you?

Finding it is my superpower. Dammit.



pixel always delivers

Like when a young girl goes to the Pharmacy to get the ‘morning after’ pill, and the religious old lady cashier yells into the microphone…"



May I ask one question.
A telecommunication company posted a video to its Facebook page entitled "When you’re pretending to be on the phone…and it rings! The awkward moment."
And I commented on it by saying “Let’s stop pretending, because [that telecommunication company] surely delivers”. ---- I do not think they understood my English, because the page owner thought that I was complaining about their service.
What do you think given my comment above? Did it fit in to the situation of the original video?

Flying…sometimes when I’m walking, I feel like I have huge wings (related to Birdman character) and I wish I could take off into the air!

My wife, my daughter, and I all have cell phones. And we also have a VOIP landline because the father-in-law calling on one of the cells could lead to bankruptcy. He’s a talker. Not unusual to have four phones going off at once.


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That is unusual enough for your family. They must be in the different ringtone?!
It also reminded me of someone I know who owned 3 mobile phones and 2 of them rang at the same time and he did not know which phone to answer.

I may not be able to find my past posts on schizophrenia.com but i can find them on grasscity

I remember this thread like it was yesterday

I was married2mj

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oops wrong thread

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