Unusual expediencies that we cant decipher from the real world

For a 20 years now I have heard voices in my head like the voice in normal peoples head although it seems as though these voices can hold a conversation with me like you would but they are just misfirings in my brain. That is what I came to believe and i know that is the true reality for the people that don’t get diagnosed as schiz dont hear them i asked my exwife all the time if she heard them over a 7 year period and she said no.

On another subject I would like to correspond with some of you so that i can make new freinds so please intosuce youre self if you would like another friend

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Hi I’m turningthepage nice to meet you. Which country are you in?

hy im legion and im in the united states

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I’m surprisedJ

The voices in my head are also just some of the cross wired head circus. My internal thoughts mimicked back in auditory… so it seemed like some entity knew my deepest mind…

But that wasn’t the case… it’s all just misfiring.

None of my family heard them either. Now I try not to respond… I just let what they say not bother me and I work on keeping in mind… it’s just in my head.

Welcome to the forum…

yeah i suppose we are both in the same situation. I try not to talk to then but its hard becuase the have so many ways of fooling me, andidont wanttointorduce them into your head so ill just leave it at that.