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Difference between voice hearers


In my mind there is a difference between some of us voice hearers vs others. Some of us are really hearing voices from real people while others own minds are completely making up the voices. Some people’s voices may be from someone messing with them. But as someone who hears a voice from an old ‘friend’ I find it hard that someone could disguise their internal voice 24/7 for months to years. I for one was lucky enough to recognize the personality and voice of the internal voice that F’s with me on a daily basis.


hearing familiar voices (people they actually know) can be difficult and perplexing. I hear non familiar voices.


I myself have no experience with voices. But it seems very confusing to live with that.


I think both equally suck. In some sense happy I know where mine is coming from (if it’s not myself) but get me angry at that person.

Ever tried hearing a recognizable voice? I sometimes would hear still recognizable voices but of celebrities until I focused on people I knew (thinking I was telepathic so should they right?). In my mind now the reason I heard celebrities was because it was just my ‘friends’ doing celebrities impersonations.


Consider yourself extremely lucky. For me hearing voices is like have no private thoughts from the moment you wake up until you fall a sleep. Prison for the mind in some ways. No privacy and no way to escape.


My voices are usually unfamiliar. Sometimes they are familiar voices though. I’ve always wondered how the mind can be so powerful.


I don’t get voices per se. I do however have a strong centralized thought/voice which comments on everything I do. Meds help it. I don’t overthink or think like I used too. That is great for me!


My most frequent voice speaks in a foreign language to me. It sounds like a radio voice from Thomas Dolby or Arcadia. I hear music a lot. Usually the music comes from inside my head, but it’s also from without. My mind transforms real sounds into modified ones as it wills.


My voices are quiet mumbling I hear in conjunction with running electronics or machinery. When the gadgetry turns off, so do the voices. I also can hear music in this way too. None of this ever bothers me. I guess I’m pretty blessed.


the voices are like thoughts planted in my head and they’re usually in Spanish.


My voices show concern with me. I don’t trust them.


I hear all of them


I had voices for perhaps 10 years. They talked about me and whatever I was doing. They were interesting and helpful, and they had some sense of humor. A doctor once told me that voices were always a bad sign and not to welcome them. So I would tell my voices to go away, and I had some success with that.
For the most part my voices were not familiar. I have a guess that the main voice was the woman I had delusions about.


My daily rumination on conversations has slowed down, which I suspect is a lot of the “voices” I was hearing on top of the radio announcer guy. He’s still coming, but I hope he gets tamped down a little soon.


Before Meds I heard voices. There were so many different voices that I couldn’t keep track of all of them. By the time I got on med they had convinced me I was going to hell and the worst parts of it because I didn’t commit suicide fast enough. By that time the voices were yelling at me constantly and I was failing out of school. I thought I was hearing God angels and demons. At this point I just think I was hearing demons. The voices would sometimes impersonate other people I knew too. I think maybe at some point God uses the voices to get me to the mental hospital and on Meds. I was so psychotic at the time. One of the voices convinced me to keep taking Meds and to keep upping the dose because it told me it was Jesus and that if the only voice I wanted to hear was his then I should keep taking the Meds and at higher dosages. When I got to the point where I stopped hearing voices I was still delusional and confused. I took it to mean that I could still hear his voice through the Bible. Maybe through dreams too but idk. I used to hear this haunting middle eastern music too which is weird cuz I used to always play classical on the piano and listen to rock and pop.


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