Unsolicited WH Emails and Twitter suggestions to follow

the central itnellience…

First, I got emails from the White House as if I was part of a mass mailing service that I never signed up for–I ignored it at first but then they kept piling up and I was like who signed me up for this mailing service? It’s an email that I am not that political with, but I have filed complaints with the department of civil rights in regards to being non-violent and put into physical restraints by emts…so anyways, aside from that, never had any contact with anything close to the WH (or the DOJ, I forgot I asked them to FOIA me).

I got paranoid.

Then, yesterday Twitter included a ca tweet as my weekly highlights. I got nervous and wondered if maybe I got drunk one night and started following them like I did with snowden…but no, I wasn’t following them. Does anybody else do twitter and get the ca highlight tweets in their emails this week?

Both were to the same email and that email was athe one I used to request a foia and also complain about my experience being put into physical restraints with the department of civil rights for people with disabilities…
I’m paranoid that my complaints and foia requests will result in me being singled out. I am starting to perceive these as signs that I am being singled out. I am unsure if this is my illness or if this is just the results of my activism coming back to haunt me. It’s making me paranoid.

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There are scam e mails out there just wanting you to click and open them, plus I opted out of anything from twitter (it’s at the bottom of the email to opt out) they were spamming me with far to many suggestions, none that I had any interest in

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Once i got an email from the central i but it was in my spam folder so i deleted that email. Never had something to do with them, so i guess it was just spam emails. And what about you? Did you received same as me in the spam folder?

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no it was in my inbox marked as important.

There was a note at the bottom that said contact the wh so i clicked the icon and it sent me the wh website where i sent a little comment in. it was pretty elaborate to be a scam, though, the links worked within the website. Then again, there was a trump donation button, so maybe it was scammers posing as trump supporters? i don’t know.
I think someone might have signed me up without my consent, hopefully. Or it’s scammers. Whatever, I wasn’t going to donate to the new admin anyways, so they spent a lot of time making a legit looking website for nothing, if it was indeed money hungry scammers.

Thanks guys!

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If you suspect it is scammers e mailing you delete it, do not open them, they could have a virus

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too late. :open_mouth:

I totally followed the link.

You’re right, I prob have a virus now. :frowning:

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I think you are probably imagining it. Maybe when you signed white house petitions it put you on a mailing service or something. The closest thing I can think of as to why they would monitor you would be following snowden but then not really. Also if they were monitoring you there is a really good chance you would never know. Unless you are sending money to ISIS or something like that you have nothing to worry about. Also I remember the emts put me into physical restraints while transporting me and I thought nothing of it. I used to receive emails put out from my senator. That was because I contacted him and was put on a mailing list.

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What kind of antivirus software do you have? If you are poor like me you can use something free like avast.

I have avast too, but that’s on this gaming laptop I’m using righ tnow. The one that did the clicking on the link to has AVG, I think, but they’re all the freeware version.


Yea, I’m hoping it was just nothing. Although I did get one just now about how the affordable care act isn’t “affordable” and it’s from the WH, I’ll go see if I can unsubscribe…

OK I unsubbed to the wh mailing list! Let’s see what happens. Maybe I’ll get a virus, or a hack, or maybe I’ll just stop getting freaky emails in my inbox now…we’ll wait and see.

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