Universal frequency hacked or my brain processing info fast

I have linked to this universal frequency as I hear stuff and links to what I type and what I see and my thoughts.
Or my brain processing information faster than usual and it is predicting words🤔 around me using my own knowledge.

Why is my brain against me?

I wish my brain was working for me rather than being an escape artist. But I don’t know what I am trying to escape from.

Universal what now?

I am sure there is a link that is interconnected all around which works in a frequency. Most people say it as noise but I feel, its just not intercepted.

@X_Y_Z how do you feel physically? Are you dizzy or disoriented? Or, is it business as usual

As usual about to fall a sleep as I have taken meds … Its night here… I think I better sleep

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Like a collective subconscious radio frequency?

@X_Y_Z sounds like a plan

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No its a frequency that we all are in sync and some of us are not in sync who can notice the relation


Telepathy doesn’t exist. It only exists in the sz mind.

I’m open minded and believe in telepathy (especially some humans with grey aliens for sure). They can hack brains for sure and my dreams (inception/dreamscape) stuff has been ■■■■■■ with hardcore every day by aliens or satellites/radio/cell phone towers. I even came up with the idea they could clone me and torture me and send my cosnciousness or a signal to me while I’m sleeping. It ■■■■■■■ terrifies me to no end. I get delusional too.

Just to confirm I googled what is telepathy to know more… And that is not I was referring too.

Mean every senses in human mind work in a sync not knowing the universal frequency but I or we do not fall in the sync and notice the relation how everything in interconnected.

Synchronicity is the word you are looking for ;). If it occurs to frequently it’s a sign of psychosis. If it’s just a once in a while, it might be a :wink: from God.


Meaning full coincidence happen and yeah

Which was the word I was looking for.
Thanks @Marbles

food for thought…just the beginning or tip of the iceberg.

Last post, but I’ve interacted with beings with million + years of technology…sometimes I originally felt it was infinite. My theory is we are trapped in a simulation and we are stuck in a ‘primitive or caveman’ culture while they are continuing advancing on us. I’ve been through it all millions of times. I feel like I have a wealth of information under my belt, but I was given schizophrenia on purpose, and it feels like punishment. It’s been going on for eternity, pretty much.

I’m probably triggering people, but I also feel this needs to get out.

You statement makes me think on extinction of dinosaur and humans survive or we where on that comet or asteroid or from a diffent planet.
Anyways all is for good.

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Lol universal frequency hacked. Its so silly of me.
Synchronicity made some sense.
Deja vu as well.
Google says both are of same family.

Synchronicity in synchronicity?
I just recollected a quote called…

Guess what it was said by Carl Jung who defined synchronicity word.

Cannot be In sync but knowing the relation is fun until its becomes serious issue.

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