Strange phenomena

Do you ever have days, where strange things coincide. Like you’re thinking of a friend you haven’t talked to her in months, and the next day they call. Then you look at the clock later on and it’s exactly 3:33. And then you’re thinking of something and a person on the TV repeats your own thoughts. Is it just me, or do I just watch too much TV LOL


Schizophrenic brains seem particularly prone to noticing synchronicities and taking them to mean something.

It’s ok to notice these things as long as you are taking them at face value and not applying some illogical meaning to them.

I did that a lot in psychosis. Noticing a street sign that had some particular meaning to me. Rusholme street was telling me to “Rush home” for example. Like noticing that sign at that particular time was a special message to me. Bizarre how you think when psychotic.


I see 333 1111 and 420 all the time and feathers everywhere. It was rather suspicious when I seen a feather then a dead bird 50 yards away. That was just cruel to the poor bird.

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I do those things as well, except for the TV set talking about me. It used to do that back when I was unmedicated though.


I do this a lot they mean a lot to me. I find reason in them… Maybe im just really psychotic.

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Sounds like we had similar experiences. I take certain numbers as being an opportunity to think of something better. Like for me, the number 7 way remind me to count my blessings. So I spent 30 seconds

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If I had a nickel for every synchronicity…

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Lol, I hear you

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One night, a friend and I were chatting on the phone. We used to have Marathon talks and make ourselves laugh.

I went out to the kitchen three times for water during the conversation. The first time was 3:33. The second time was 4:44. And the third time it was 5:55.

Too f****** weird LOL

i can relate with u.

i too have observed this phenomena lately.

its like when i think about something or someone i hear some news about them in a couple of days.

and i dont think its sz or related to being psychotic, i take its as something like telepathy and i have read that thoughts travel far.

for me its something spiritual

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I agree with you @steffifan . Certain people are just hypersensitive to energy.

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It happens all the time.
Usually seeing 11:11.
Coincidences drive me crazy.

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I take it as meaning I’m on the right path. It’s an idiosyncrasy, but it’s better than being bored LOL

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Ideas of reference make it all so personal.

I spent sometime toying with random systems of thought with respect to finding some meaning…My thoughts. It’s just not relevant and it’s simple, dumb luck. Nothing more or less and often we are chasing shadows…


I think of it as my built-in reminder app. But it goes off at random

Yes, I have it at times.

I think it’s quite normal as you describe it.

But it can be a sign of a mild psychosis and then it’s called delusions- or idea of reference.

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I agree that it could become quite a bad thing. If it’s all you obsessed om

I’m aware that these things are random cards.

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