Undiagnosed mentally ill celebrities

I believe Tupac had some bi-polar, maybe some schizophrenia. Maybe he had both…Especially after he got shot. He said some crazy things and he always seemed to be in a bad mood when he wasn’t drinking or whatever. Always talking about paranoia, calling himself black jesus. And stuff.

I also believe biggie had bad depression…always talking about wanting to die. He never seemed to be in a good mood.

Diagnose some celebrities!

and jim carrey has depression

Dolores o riorda of the Cranberries has mental health problems

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I think Charlie Sheen had bi-winning.


If these so called mental ill celebrities can go to work every day and act in film and TV or make albums etc… they are not so ill in my eyes.

Almost every celebrity has some form of depression or bipolar so it seems, I am not impressed.


Exactly what I was going to state. If you can manage that much public life or work you’re not truly fitting the definition of mentally “ill”.

My illness leaves me bed-ridden all day and I only go out twice per week - once to see a therapist and once to shop for groceries. I don’t have motivations and high-minded aspirations like normal people do, but these celebrities have time to travel all over the country, act in front of others, and do a whole broad range of other things.

I understand they might have mood disorders, but I don’t count mood disorders as mental disorders or illnesses.

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I think Robin Williams was bipolar…not sure. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least though.

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I always suspected Kanye had brutal bipolar.

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Mood disorders can be very disabling.

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Yes, especially Bipolar type 1

Couldn’t disagree more. Depression in particular has such a high mortality rate, among the general public as well as celebrities. Different mental illnesses are just that, different.

I would think disabled people can have talents too. Many celebrities suffer substance abuse problems which has ended many careers, I am sure mental disorders are no exception.

He’s certainly delusional if he thinks he can be president. I know he’s an ass, but I don’t know if that is a diagnosis of mental illness.

He seems to cycle through phases of grandiose thinking (which everyone likes to mock and then feel satisfied that they know everything there is to know about him) and self-loathing (which everyone likes to ignore or chalk up to him “deserving” it). Which is a bit more complicated than him just being an ass, though he certainly behaves that way not infrequently.

I’d agree with you on the presidential bid. I thought that the idea that everyone had probably guessed that he was going to run was even odder.

I don’t know that much about him. If he experiences self loathing he has my sympathy, but that doesn’t justify bad behavior.

Agreed. I like him a lot, but his bad behavior is just that: bad. He would do well to develop better impulse control. If nothing else, his actions have made it easy for people to write him off.

maybe hes just a narcissist…i think hes self admitted that. he thinks hes yeezus. its hard to say what his diagnosis is but hes something, my friend thinks he probably smokes crack

Ahahaha I think it’s more than simple narcissism. He’s had too many episodes where all he talks about is what a jerk he is. Even his music: 808s, MBDTF and Yeezus in particular are laced with self-hatred. Jay might be a straight up narcissist (assuming it’s not just the posture that sells records.) Ye is messier.

Isn’t it weird when comedians have depression? You think they would be happy all the time

Britney has something