Understanding the purpose of life

Obviously we can’t all agree on any one thing that is the definition of what life is and what it’s purpose is. How can we? Man has been pondering the purpose of life almost since the beginning of mankind or at least since language and written language was developed. Ever since ancient man painted the world around him on cave walls to explain what he saw and experienced in the world around him. So we won’t decide what the purpose of life is in one sentence, in one paragraph or in one thread. I guarantee though that the sole purpose of life is not to suffer. There’s too much music, love, natural wonders, light and happiness in the world that proves that there’s more to life than suffering


if i remember my pants in the morning…i am having a good day :scream:
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Maybe. Maybe not. Try serving mankind without any expectations or requirements, though… and see how it works.

See. That proves my point. Maybe that’s YOUR purpose. and it’s a good purpose. For millions of other people that is not their purpose. What does that make them? Does it make them bad people with purposeless lives? Can’t we say something even more basic and that the purpose of life is too simply survive? Or procreate? Maybe it depends on your definition or concept of the word purpose…


It’s survival.

If your doing allright with food then other things start to be easy…and thus easier to do!

So. You have shelter. Those needs are met… You have an abundance of food…then there’s an abundance of down time which can lead to art and other intangibles.

Your conscious and a biped of curious thought. You can process the amazing thing that is language…you can understand things that are abstract…you can engineer…you can move up the food chain and develop crops and towns and things that make societies…

Your an apex predator that can change the face of the Earth and make forays into the heavens…Purpose of life?

That hasn’t changed…you’ve developed politic and societies to deal with it…you’ve developed philosophy to deal with it…I think we’re almost there…

Thinking too much is often the schizophrenics concern! What it leads too isn’t too much…it just is how we do…

Seriously. Talking is the key…exchanging ideas and getting others to realise these things is the amazing thing of culture…

It just is…if your a Taoist. It’s gods work if your a Christian/muslim etc…

Still doesn’t change the fact your schizophrenic and your thinking too much!

A friend in the struggle,


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I mean for all the people who don’t have the means or even desire to serve mankind, don’t they still have a chance at living a life with a different purpose that’s just as valid? Which means the purpose of their life is different?


What means?

Shite…I’m a paranoid schizophrenic. I have free will on the pills to a certain extent!

I don’t compare myself to a rocket scientist. I’ve lived a different life but I’m proud on what I’ve done!

I’ve competed as long and hard as I could in society. I can’t help anything else but I give it a good show!

Why breed regret…it leads to avenues which aren’t good for the soul!


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Well, I was talking in general, not about you specifically or other people with schizophrenia. I was actually still talking to notmoses, it was the second half of my post to him. And you’re repeating my point. People without all the trappings of wealth or fame or popularity can still find a purpose in life. So we are both saying the same thing. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Why does there even need to be a purpose? So, maybe we just have to find one that serves our purposes or that of all others combined. hahaha

May be life just came about because the cosmos came together in ways that were unprecedented with the actions of chemicals and electricity and other unknown spiritual even affects in a very special place in the universe where we happen to have ended up in in the progression of it(Life) in the face of all odds, like the intense effects of solar radiation on life on this planet that if we didn’t have a magnetosphere we would not survive the radiation but at the same time it is responsible for life developing here in the first place.

The 14th Dali Lamma (Buddhist monk) states that “The purpose of life is to be happy”.

“Life goes on”… in any case.


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