As a person with schizophrenia we have normal struggles two. even if we are not normal as you

pay time comes around why don’t you ask what can I do for you. folks we have to put up with normal crap all week long. jobs schools what ever the case. there are few normal people asking to help out. with there money and time. because of there idiocracys in belifs to allow such things. remind you of schizophrenia. yea !

You’re saying that we not only have problems of SZ but also the same “normie” problems as “normies”. IMO our normal problems are more severe because we’re more dysfunctional. Mental illness is hell and sometimes I wonder if it’s a life worth living. My faith keeps me alive. That one day things will be better. Even if I have to die a natural death before it happens.

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There’s a lot of sad lives out there. Mine is just one of them.