Uncovering Clues to the Genetic Cause of Schizophrenia

The overall number and nature of mutations—rather than the presence of any single mutation—influences an individual’s risk of developing schizophrenia, as well as its severity, according to a study by Columbia University Medical Center researchers published in the latest issue of Neuron. The findings could have important implications for the early detection and treatment of schizophrenia.


There is no a psychiatry research asking the following question or give answer:

INSTEAD,they asked peripheral questions :smile:
What are objective circumstances and all possible causal factors that involved in the development of sz,increase the risk of sz, or help into the birth of sz,…etc?

OVERALL,they deal with the biological factors,genetic,biochemical,psychological,mental,
social,environmental,educational,learning,cultural,religious as a CATALYSTS factors during
the creation of schizophrenia case,not as a creation makers

In other words,the psychiatry researches are talking about the role of genes during the
basic schizophrenic process as if they are a something look like the enzymes

As if the genes functions is merely to do the stimulation for all internal phenomena,events and processes
that has been occurred during the schizophrenia life within the nature of the individual

the prevailing idea in all researches
the talking about casual factors and objective condition that may be existed during
the established of sz case and a contingency of its participation in the creation process
of sz case or its symptoms !

mainly,what is the cause which creates the schizophrenia case ?
what is the functional activities of the cause?
How can the cause creates the sz case and all aspects of symptoms ?

For what reason ,the medical reference books says; there are one
gene to the serious diseases ,
while the psychiatry research talking about collective genes and many objective conditions ?

The content of research
1-the findings COULD have important implications
for the early detection and treatment of schizophrenia
2-This study HELPS define specific genetic mechanism that explain SOME of
schizophrenia’s heritability and clinical manifestations
3- previous research has focused on the search for individual genes that MIGHT trigger
4-the availability of new high-throughtout DNA sequencing technology has
CONTRIBUTED to a more holistic approach to the disease
5-the researchers compared sequencing data TO LOOK FOR genetic differences
and identify new loss-of-function mutations
6-the researchers also LOOKED AT what types of mutations are commonly
passed on to schizophrenia patients from their parents
7= The Compendium;
these mutations are important signposts toward IDENTIFYING THE GENES INVOLVED in schizophrenia

it is easy to says,whatever the details of this researcher or its conclusions,
it does not lead to merely knowing the cause of schizophrenia,or even identify
the claimed gene who is produces the sz case or its symptoms

this means that,at now,there is no specific gene for schizophrenia ,
and it is illogical to acknowledge that the schizophrenia is genetic disease- before
you identify its gene /genes !!

It is must be,do not assume that the Sz arises from an anatomical mutations,
or due to some specific types of defects in the genetic structures
The ontological nature of the sz case is not hereditary case or genetic disease
1- the ontological nature of the sz is the sum of the things which embodied
in the mind-brain nature of the individual and dubbed named “hallucinations”

2-Hallucinations is not any type of symptoms in its actual nature
3-Hallucinations is not human mental symptoms
4-Hallucinations is not human biological symptoms

5- Hallucinations is the morphological manifestations of the sz cause
inside the mind-brain of the individual
6- Hallucinations is alive entities,psychological entities,non-human in nature,
and they are a whole “universal” higher organism,anti-human in its activities

what the researchers saying about the nature of the hallucinations ?
a-mental perceptions that have been arise from the mind-brain of the patient !
a-it is the visual memories,audible memories of the patient
c-the patient has imagine the pictures of imaginary people,
takes them as a friends,enemies,and he convince himself that they are real people,
and he fabricate a discussions with them randomly …etc
d-the patient is in the case of talking with himself or his mind,
then he listen to the voice of his mind !

On the face of all,they have wrong information about the nature of
the hallucinations and its root origin

in the pure nature,the hallucinations is not a products of self
mental functions and it is not a type of any mental activities,
it is not the thoughts of the individual or its memories,because
they are a whole higher organism,a whole psychological entities
more developed than the human psychological entity !!

THE researchers can assume theoretically the details of any genetic
mutations-as they like
they can assume any anatomical changes in the brain regions or in
the genetic compositions-as they like
On the face of all,they can imagine the attributes and characteristics
that can occur in the cells or genes

At the end of the matter,they would not be able to prove that these mutations
causing the hallucinations,or led to the hallucinations,or helped in their occurrence,
or participated in their occurrence,that is for very simple reason :smile:
THEY DO NOT KNOW OR SURE what is the nature of the things “hallucinations”
that are embodied within the mind-brain of any schizophrenic individual !

IF WE ASK; what is the nature of hallucinations ?
All answers come wrong !
EVEN the authors of science fiction fail miserably to merely imagine
the dimensions of the things that so-called hallucinations !

Frankness,they do not know the symptom “hallucination”,and instead
they talking about finding a causes for that symptom !!!

The logical event,you can know the symptom,but it is possible to
unknow the cause,while in the case of schizophrenia we see
the illogical event,wherever the researchers think that they know
the cause before they know the symptom !!