Uncomfortable feeling attacks/episodes


I suffer from attacks where I feel really uncomfortable. My doctor says it is a kind of anxiety but it doesn’t feel like anxiety, that much. It happens daily and I was wondering if any one else has suffered the same or has found a cure for it.

Thanks in advance.

Could you describe these attacks? I have a lot of weird stuff going on with my brain. Some of which are like attacks. Are they anxiety attacks (also called panic attacks)? If so, then I have them too, but not daily. Now that I have some meds, they are not very frequent. I last had one about a month or two ago.

I can only describe them as feeling really uncomfortable. It’s like the world outside has changed and something isn’t quite right but I can’t describe them. They are not panic attacks and they are different from anxiety.

Also, my brows get furrowed every time I get these attacks.

I have this weird thing where I suddenly get really worried about something. Like just the other day, all of a sudden I got worried that people were following me. It was really silly. I’m not sure it is paranoia or anxiety.