Unbearable Pain

Have you had any pain which you could not explain to others? But it is very strong and unbearable so that it shows in the face and behavior that others do not have liking for you.

It has happened for me since childhood. It was inflicted by bunch of people to make me look ugly when I open my mouth (Made my teeth crooked). I am sure of it and I know how much pain it is. But others would not understand or comprehend it.

I am not sure if they are human or not. They are downright evil always to me. I just ignore them for now and have a decent family to look after. That is enough for me.

Do you mean mental pain?

Like emotional pain, for example?
I have it. I developed cptsd as a result.

Both physical and mental pain which I am not able to explain to others.

I just googled it, I seem to have it I guess need to confirm with some Pdoc. Is there medication for it. Is there a chance of surviving that and come out on the other side.

How you are coping up and what is your current status or progress on it?

I meant I googled CPTSD. It seems to match with the condition that I am going through.

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