I have no love

I have no friends, except Facebook friends, most of whom I’ve never met. I have a group text with three siblings. I talk to someone from Schizophrenia Alliance every now and then. I talk to my mom on the phone most days, but I don’t have any love for anyone. I don’t think I’d care if anyone died. It’s all a farce.

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You sound like you are suffering from sedation which can make you feel apathetic. It’s not you, it’s probably a side effect…

I’ve had that experience. It sounds like the flat affect. I’m glad you’ve got a good support system

why not join a discord group?

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Thats not true, U have us !



I have had a VERY vengeful god for the past thirty years who punished me like a hurricane of the soul. I HATE the S.O.B.! I’ve got to get to know the real God.

I was on one antipsychotic once and I felt no love. At the time it wouldn’t even matter if a family member died. I’m glad I stopped it.

I’m ok now though.

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