Uk: I got a letter from the dwp for a phone interview

So idk wat this is except the letter sounds quite abrupt.
Something about checking change if circumstances.
I can’t help wonder if this is a random spot check or if someone has actually called them up.

Has anyone on esa received such a letter and done a phone interview??

Wish you the best of luck with it and hope it goes well

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Thank you @Joker

It’s pretty annoying that I have to wait for two weeks for this interview just want to get it done and over with

Has anything changed?

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No that’s why I’m confused.

I think it must be a random spot check unless someone just wants to bother me

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I think it might be their way to prompt people to inform the dwp about change of circumstances.

did your doctor change or your meds change?

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Yes they did but they already know of that.

Oh yea I’m under a new health team maybe I’m meant to tell them that??

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/that might be what they want to discuss though, it might have triggered something in the computer, idk??

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