UK folks - does your driving licence get automatically revoked following a section

I read on a forum that if you have been detained under the mental health act your licence is automatically revoked for 3 months following discharge.

Is this for real?

No not automatically unless you committed a motoring offence while ill and that was the reason you got sectioned, the police will do this. You pdoc or social worker can notify the DVLA and they can revoke straight away if a danger. They can revoke or suspend because of self-discloser which you have to do by law if you have a illness that can have effect on driving. They don’t revoke because you’ve been sectioned.


Normally the hospital would inform the DVLA if your unsafe to drive!

You also have to inform the DVLA of your mental condition.

They decided after my cool drugged up hospital pic that I was too heavily sedated by my medication to hold a driving licence, even if I have to renew yearly. (This practise made the news)!