Want to re-learn how to drive

I haven’t driven in like 10 years however I got diagnosed almost 5 years ago I had said I’d re-learn how to drive if I got 5 yrs into remission of psychosis and I have… almost. Do you think it’d be a problem? In the UK? With the DVLA? I have written to them asking for permission.

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If you still have a license I wouldn’t worry about it. you need a license in the united states to operate a car. is it that way in the UK?

you’ll be fine, i have always driven…no matter how ill i was…i have never done anything too stupid !?!
take care :car:…zooommmmm ! :alien:

I always drove. Only I did get mentally ill about driving for a time. I would drive at night without my headlights on. My license was suspended for 2 years and another time I was ticketed. I’m just lucky I didn’t cause an accident. I’d say if you’ve got your head together about driving, go for it. If you don’t, you could be a risk.

I think driving is one of those things that once you’ve done it you never forget…might seem awkward the first few minutes but it will come back to you quick.