Typing ____ or blanks

How do I do this without causing it to bold what I type next?

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Why do you want to underline something?

when i type __ it shows up as __ bold

now what i tried to type was

when i type (blank by using underline) it shows ups as (blank using underline) bold

more then one _ acts as a start and stop for bold function.

If I use more then one _ at a time then it activates italic

Yes - I think thats just how the software works to encode the text formatting.

I think what you’re asking is how do I type “___” underlines to act as spaces and have them show up on the page - is that it?

I don’t ever use that approach in typing, but I think if you really want that you can put it in quotation marks “__________” for example. But again - I’m not sure of the value of that.

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