Please someone tell me what is going on my tablet has a mind of its own! I am not doing anything different but my posts are either half highlighted or all highlighted, a day I am not doing ANYTHING!!! Please help…


… Try restarting it?


It has been happening for days now, I have restarted it many times, I also have other problems with post game that is hard to desribe, like when I try to respond, if I respond sometimes other responses wind up where my writing should e, but only when I hit the respond key in a certain place. I told you its hard to describe, I do not know any other way to explain it. Thanks for trying to help though. I have to remember that this is just a tablet, not a regular computer, so maybe it does not work as well?


It’s because there are blank spaces (space-bar) before you start typing. Removing them should fix it.

I’m not sure what the shortcut codes are for the software but certain characters like the space-bar or apostrophes can trigger the software to treat what you are typing differently.