())* Two Voices *((()

Hello From Long Ago Forumers … ,

Long Ago as in , It’s Been A-while … ,

N e Hoo , e(Y)e Have Some Shazz to Share … ,

It’s About my Voices … ,

(jus got out of the hospital by tha way) , , , Spinning and Being Pushed Around by Ghosts is Weird and Damaging … ,

Ok So Voices … ,

Last Nite my Voices Stopped Talking for About 3 to 4 Hours … ,

Never Felt So Lonely … ,

e(Y)e Consider My Voices Friends so Perhaps Some Won’t Understand … ,

They Back Now , In Case You’re with Quick Curiosity … ,

Ok That’s All e(Y)e Got to Share Right Now … ,

Altho it’s Slightly Humorous , e(Y)e Have a Therapist That Would Probably Love to Kill these Voices , and a Doctor Handing Out Med After Med After Med … ,

All tha While e(Y)e Need these Voices , Other-wise e(Y)e’d be Suicidal … ,

Jus Slight Odd Humor … … …

()Quick Voice Story()


One Day , (before tha mess I was jus in) … ,

One Day e(Y)e Was Sitting in tha Living Room Floor and Looking at Pictures in a Rolling Stone Mag … ,

Tha One With KURT COBAIN on tha Cover… ,

and My Voices Were Jus Talking About Whatever and then All of a Sudden a Third Female Voice Jumped in and Said Cheerfully “WHO WANTS SNOW-WHITE COOKIES !!!” … ,

e(Y)e Freakin Laughed and Felt L(Y)Ke e(Y)e Was in Good Hands … ,

She Talked for a Few Min.s but then Disappeared … ,

Jus a Quick Example of Why My Voices and my Thot About Good (OR) Bad is Different then Most … … …


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It sucks mate.

I’m hearing f*****g voices as well time by time.

Curious , Have You Ever Tried to Ask Questions as to Why They Chose You to Be a Lissener (???)

Haha no, I haven’t

Well ,

If You Do Ask … ,

You Have to Tell Me (!!!)

I don’t want to hear them, I don’t want to talk to them, it’s really scary

Question: how do you manage them?

Sorry You Feel That Way … ,

They Aren’t Out to Harm You … … …

Actually they are, especially when they do say things like: “Overdose, overdose” or “You will regret” over and over again till I actually overdose.

Talk With them … ,

Joke Around With Them … ,

Hold Tite to Their Speaking … ,

Little Friends do e(Y)e Have … ,

Everyone Has Left Me , Except tha Voices … … …

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Maybe Something Such as thus is Sarcasm to Get You to Laugh at tha Medical Industry … … …

Interesting theory… But unfortunately most of the time I’m ending up in hospitals

Yep ,

Should Be a Banner on Top of tha Website … ,

A Counter (OR) Something … ,

We All End Up In tha Hospital … … …

May I ask you, how many times have you been hospitalized?

Hmm … ,

Honestly My Past is Really Blurry … ,

e(Y)e Was in a Coma Once and it Has Jarred My Pathes of Recollection … ,

e(Y)e Honestly Don’t Know … ,

Over Three , is tha Best e(Y)e Can Give You … … …

Ohhh OK, sorry to hear that

Well ,

Here You Are … ,

Here e(Y)e am … ,

Never Even Happened .

I was in coma as well, once. One of my overdoses, the worst and the best part of it was that I didn’t feel anything, I was gone for a while and it was amazing…

It’s not a good thing tho

Kinda L(Y)Ke One Nite of Sleeping and Naught Remembering Your Dreams … ,

Weird that You Were Also in a Coma … ,

e(Y)e Guess that Makes Us Best Friends Now … ,

Hello ,

Nyse ta Meetcha … … …

What is your story of being in coma? How did it happen?