Two for the price of one. 77nick77's good deal of the day


First, the funny one. So I’m halfway home from work and just looking forward to getting home and just getting some rest. The road I take has a million stores lining it. One store sign caught my eye. It said “Dive”. I looked at it and I thought, “Hmmm, that looks interesting”. My first thought was that it was a bar or a strip joint or something similar.

I thought, “That’s nice that they don’t try to hide it, they just come right out and tell you exactly what to expect, they didn’t try to sugar-coat it.” I thought, “Now that’s a good example of truth in advertising”.

So it piqued my curiosity and i thought I would go inside whatever it is and check it out. Then I looked closer: it was a darn scuba diving equipment store, lol!. I kinda laughed to myself and kept going.

I got home and the stuff started happening again. Sometimes I have to trust my instincts. The neighbors are control freaks. So I went outside and yelled to my neighbors some really mean stuff. I have tried to be nice to every neighbor except the guy upstairs. He’s an ass. Even while I was first was not getting along with him before, I would hear him talk and he sounded like a nice guy even though I hated him But now I realize he’s just an ass. A 300 lb ass, who’s a bully which I figured out myself and confirmed with my ex-roommate who was friends with him.

Anyways, I try to be nice but the neighbors want to laugh at me and treat me bad. So I went outside and said some stuff which I won’t repeat here. It felt good because they’re going to treat me bad whether I’m nice or not so or whether I cause trouble or not so I might a well go down fighting. It’s going to get ugly but as for now things are calm. Time to rest.

There, did I earn my tagline?


We’ve got to pick our fights. Otherwise we end up back in hospital. Be careful.


That must’ve felt good :joy:


Yeah, actually it did.


I guess I’m really fortunate to have mostly good neighbors. The two pot heads below me will be evicted no doubt for smoking inside. If it comes wafting up my way I may be making two calls.


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