(TW) Physical and mental trauma from voices

I started to hear a few voices in 2012 they were like a small sound in my ears like a backgroud discussion. After short time i started to hear them loud in ears they were people who commented my actions what i did in the past, but also they were arguing and screaming in my ears. I felt really scared, frightened by hearing these voices talking. I did not said anyone about this as i thought im going nuts and i believed my parents will lock me in a mental hospital forever, that were my thoughts about this. I could not endure anymore so i told my parents about hearing people talk in my ears. They took me to hospital i stayed inpatiant for like two weeks, in the last day there i jumped from first floor and broke my arm(elbow) and i could not walk for 2-3 days. They sent me with an ambulance at local hospital in town, i had surgery still have scars and such.

To be brief i was having a hard time with voices i heard, i felt very scared and i tried to commit suicide becouse i couldnd tolerate anymore. I am grateful to my parents, they helped me a lot with support when i needed. Now im well and stable becouse of antipsychotics :slight_smile:


That sounds rough. I’m really glad you’re still with us and doing so well now :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Jonnybegood
I have other details but i prefer not to say

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that’s quite a story, a true one, not fiction.

yeah I would have done anything to not hear all those voices anymore.

it is trauma, especially when they’re screaming to kill yourself.

I’d never go back, taking meds for life.


Thank you @Daze
Its been 7 lucky years since then :smile:


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