Turning Into a Cockroach?

Does anyone other than myself get the disgusting, terribly uncomfortable thought that you are turning into a cockroach , or are going to, any time you see one? Thank God I don’t have them at home!!!

Franz Kafka would be proud of you.



Who is Franz Kafka? Do I want to k now?

He wrote a book about a guy turning into a cockroach. Cried my eyes out reading it.

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Oh Hell not reading that!!!


My mom said one time when she did acid she had that hallucination. I have NOT had it but I have that nagging thought and sometimes it terrifies me.

Don’t worry, you’ll not turn into a cockroach, it’s just not possible.

It’s a work of fiction and therefore not real, but it’s best to avoid that sort of thing if it triggers thoughts that make you ill.

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